Find out more about our eligibility check

How does the eligibility check work?

It takes account of information you provide in your eligibility check, any information we may already have about you, and any information we may get from other organisations such as credit reference or fraud-prevention agencies.

The eligibility check uses these details to see whether we would be in a position to offer you a credit card based on your current circumstances.

Does the check affect my credit rating?

Our soft credit search does not affect your credit rating or your ability to obtain credit in the future and will not be seen by any other lender. 

What types of information does a credit reference agency hold?

Credit reference agencies hold different types of information, such as information from the electoral register, details of any court judgments or bankruptcies in your name, a record of current and past credit commitments (for example, credit cards, loans, mortgages) that you have held in the last six years, and details of any searches of your credit file.

What happens if I am told that I am not eligible?

If you have been told that you are not eligible for a credit card it may be down to a number of reasons. For example:

  • The credit reference agency may have information about you which may have influenced our decision; or
  • We may have a specific policy which results in our decision. For example, we will not lend to you if we feel your level of income suggests you may have difficulty repaying further credit comfortably.

To get a copy of your credit file (the report lenders see when checking your creditworthiness), contact the credit reference agency using the contact details listed below. The credit reference agency offer instant on-line access to your credit file via their website; if you ask for a copy you will need to provide your full name, date of borth and all addresses you have lived at during the past six years. 

Who do I contact to find out more about my credit file?

Equifax Ltd
Customer Service Centre
PO Box 10036
Phone 0800 014 2955

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