Creation fraud alerts to protect you

If we think a transaction is suspicious, you’ll receive a fraud alert from Creation by text – asking you to confirm if the transaction is being made by you.

How will I know the text is genuine?

The text message will only ever be either from “Creation” or +44 7366731432.

What do I need to do?

If the details from the text message match your transaction, simply reply YES. If however the transaction isn’t yours, reply NO – you’ll be given the option to contact our Fraud Team.


Check your mobile number

It’s really important we have your most recent mobile number on our records. If you need to update yours, please log in to your Online Account Manager.

My Account

Never share your OTP with anyone

When you shop online or access your Online Account Manager, you may receive an OTP (One-Time Passcode) from Creation. If you receive an unexpected OTP, it’s likely to be fraud. Please do not share your OTP with anyone including Creation staff, in any circumstances to keep your account safe.

Don’t give out your full OPC

As well as an OTP, you will have set an OPC (Online Payment Code) which is unique to you. You will never be asked to enter your full OPC as part of an online payment. If you are ever asked for more than two randomly selected characters from your OPC, it’s likely to be a scam – stop and challenge the transaction.

Misplaced your card? Head to the Creation Mobile App

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Keep an eye on your account anywhere 24/7 via the OAM

Securely change your personal details, manage your Credit Limit, set up text or email alerts to keep track of your account, contact us securely and much more via your Online Account Manager (OAM) – log in or register today.


If things go wrong

If you can’t recognise a transaction or haven’t received what you paid for, head to our dedicated Creation Card and Travel Disputes Portal for guidance on what you can do next.

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your account, you can contact us on 0371 3761489*. Please use this number for fraud queries only; if you have any other questions, we will transfer your call to Customer Services.

Tips to keep safe

  • We’ll never ask you for your PIN or password

  • We’ll never ask you to move money to a ‘safe’ account

  • Scams will urge you to act now and threaten you with warnings

  • Check the domain name of the email sender

  • Research the seller before buying online

  • If in doubt, call the organisation’s official number directly and confirm if the message you received was from them


Additional help and advice

Visit Take Five – a national campaign that gives straight-forward, impartial advice to help prevent fraud – to find out more about how to protect yourself and your account.

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