Some Frequently Asked Questions
& Some Helpful Answers

About this service

Mastercard® Identity Check™ is a service that lets you securely make online purchases using your Creation issued Credit Card. When making purchases with participating online retailers, you may be asked to enter a One-Time Passcode sent by SMS which will then be verified by Creation to validate your identity. This service gives you an enhanced level of security for your online shopping.

Mastercard® Identity Check™ is quick and easy to use. You don’t need a new card or any special software.

Mastercard® Identity Check™ can be used from just about any computer or mobile with an Internet connection. There's no special software to install and you can shop online with participating Mastercard® Identity Check™ retailers with added security.

Shopping with Mastercard Identity Check

If you suspect a fraudulent purchase has been made using your Creation issued Credit Card, please visit our dedicated Card Disputes Portal or contact us immediately on 0371 376 1489*.

Online retailers will need to ‘register’ to be able to participate in the Mastercard® Identity Check™ service. Only when shopping with these online retailers will you sometimes be asked to enter your One-Time Passcode sent by SMS. Over the coming months, more and more online retailers will become participating Mastercard® Identity Check™ online retailers. Most online retailers will display the Mastercard® Identity Check™ logo, so look for this when shopping online. If the online retailer is not yet participating, you’ll still be able to make your purchase, but not as part of the Mastercard® Identity Check™.

One-Time Passcode

A One-Time Passcode is a unique 6 digit number which is sent to your mobile number registered at Creation via SMS. Under no circumstances should you share your One-Time Passcode with anyone including Creation staff once it has been created. It’s one of the two ways used to authenticate the transaction you’re trying to make so that we can validate it’s you and protect you from fraud.

If you don’t recognise your mobile number from the last four 4 digits displayed on screen, please go to your Online Account Manager or the Creation Credit Card App and update your mobile number. When updating your phone number via your Online Account Manager or Creation Credit Card App, if you don’t recognise the phone number held there as being you current or one of your previous mobile numbers, then call customer services on 0371 376 9214*.

If you don’t receive the SMS containing your One-Time Passcode, please make sure you have the correct mobile number registered in your Online Account Manager or Creation Credit Card App. Alternatively you can select ‘Resend OTP’ which will resend the One-Time Passcode. If you’re still having issues, please call customer services on 0371 376 9214*.

Your One-Time Passcode has an expiration period of five minutes. If this time is exceeded, you’ll need to re-enter your payment details with a new One-Time Passcode.

If you enter your One-Time Passcode incorrectly more than three times when making an online transaction with your card, for security purposes your transaction will not be processed and you’ll be automatically returned to the online store to enter another form of payment to complete your purchase.

Still need help? For further assistance please contact Creation on 0371 376 9214*.