Creation - proud to welcome a new customer every 22 seconds

September 12, 2014

Creation, has been helping over 4 million customers for the past 40 years.  You may not know their name, however it’s very likely that you’ve come across them as one of the leading providers of credit cards and loans in the UK.

Creation is the brand providing finance solutions behind some of the biggest names - AA, Argos, Asda, Dixons Retail, DFS, Sony, Marriott, Flybe, Everton FC, and many more. So, the credit card, loan or retail finance agreement you may have could be backed by a company which welcomes a new customer in the UK every 22 seconds!

Whilst also working with partners, Creation also provides a range of Creation branded credit cards: Creation Balance Transfer Card, Creation Purchase Card and the Creation Cashback Card – all designed to provide customers with better value and great service.

The company prides itself on putting customers at the heart of everything it does. Whilst working with partners who’s brand often reaches customers directly, Creation is on the high street, at football stadiums and far beyond and is dedicated to making life easier and giving customers the products thay want.  They listen to and understand what customers want and believe in working hard to do the right thing by the customer. 

Understanding the world of finance can seem complicated, boring and peoples’ time is precious, Creation can help you find the credit card and loan you.  Creation provides straightforward products that suit your needs along with handy tools to help you manage your account, all delivered through helpful advisors in their UK call centres.  They believe in making life easier, providing flexibility and choice, so you can focus on the things that matter to you.