Consumers avoid Christmas Crowds by Shopping Online

January 15, 2013



Consumers are showing an even greater preference for Christmas shopping online, according to a new survey of over 1,000 visitors to Creation’s website.

Creation, one of the UK’s leading consumer finance specialists, has launched the results of its Christmas shopping survey, following this week’s ‘Cyber Monday’, the day on which consumers are reported as doing most of their seasonal shopping online.  The survey revealed that over 45% of respondents planned on shopping online for Christmas presents: High Street shopping lagged behind on 21%.

Steering clear of hustle and bustle appears to be the key reason for consumers choosing to shop from their sofa over a trip into town to battle for a parking space: over 43% felt that avoiding the crowds was the best reason to shop online.

Lisa Simcox, Sales & Marketing Director, LaSer UK, which provides a range of co-branded credit cards, loyalty and retail finance solutions under its consumer brand Creation, said, “Our survey has provided us with interesting insights into why people are increasingly preferring to Christmas shop online.

“It seems like convenience is paramount during a seasonal period when time is at a premium.  Interestingly though, significant numbers of canny consumers also use this convenience to their advantage – for example, over 27% of people use online shopping because they’re confident they’ll get a better deal on price.

“With 41% of consumers using a credit card as their preferred method for online payment it’s clear people want reassurance – with almost 64% of people then going onto say that consumer protection is their reason for credit card purchases.

“So it’s clear people are increasingly happy to shop online – it’s for the retailers to make the experience even more appealing, and make customers even more aware of the fantastic incentives and loyalty promotions they can take advantage of.”