Creation welcomes a new customer every 22 seconds

March 19, 2012

Provider of finance, loyalty and reward programmes sees sharp rise

Creation, a leading provider of finance, loyalty and reward programmes is welcoming a new customer every 22 seconds – a strong indication that consumers are opting for innovative schemes that provide real added value. 

Creation is the brand behind some of the UK’s biggest affinity credit cards and point-of-sale loans on the High Street – Dixons Retail, DFS, Sony, Marriott, Flybe, Everton FC, and many more.  So, the credit card, storecard or retail finance agreement you may have could be backed by a company which has been in business helping customers with their finances for over 40 years.

Lisa Simcox, Marketing Director at Creation, comments: “We conducted a recent survey via One Poll and found that there is a growing number of people who are seeking out specific credit or loyalty cards as a way to enhance their spending power and also make their money go further.  In fact, 96 per cent of those surveyed said they regularly used loyalty schemes, 40 per cent of those stating that the primary draw to a particular card was the savings the scheme could bring and the rewards gained. 

"This goes to show that it’s imperative that companies keep innovating in the way they enhance their customers’ experience by adding real financial benefits that add value."

Creation is part of LaSer UK, a leading financial power behind many of the UK’s credit cards and loyalty reward schemes and helps four million customers through two UK based call centres with a strong commitment to customer service.

The company prides itself on putting customers at the heart of everything it does. Whilst working with partners who’s brand often reaches customers directly, Creation is on the high street, at football stadiums and far beyond  and is dedicated to making life easier and giving customers great rewards. 

Lisa concludes: "We actively engage with our customers to help us keep abreast of the changing dynamics of consumer purchasing behaviour.  Without that, we couldn’t be the leaders in our field.  It differentiates us as we are continually keeping in touch with changing trends to be innovative in our offering.  That’s why our partners come to us and in turn their customers go to them. That’s why we welcome a new customer every 30 seconds." 

Whilst also working with partners, Creation has just introduced a host of improved benefits on its range of three Creation branded cards: Creation Balance Transfer Card, Creation Purchase Card and the Creation Cashback Card – all designed to provide customers with better value and great service.