Motor Finance Agreements - Payment Holidays

If your income has been impacted due to the coronavirus outbreak, you can request a 3-month payment holiday using the form below. If your request is approved, we will reduce your monthly minimum payment for 3 months without affecting your credit file.

Who can use this form?

Customers who have Motor Finance Agreements can get in touch via this form.

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Please do NOT request a payment holiday for an account where you already have:

  • an existing payment holiday, we’ll be in touch before it’s due to finish.
  • had a total of 6 months payment holiday as we will not be able to grant you a further deferral. If your finances are still affected by the pandemic, rest assured we'll still be able to offer alternative options to support you. You can visit our customer support page for more information and useful links. If you require free, impartial advice on how to manage your finances during the pandemic, you can visit StepChange.

What is a payment holiday?

Payment holiday means that we will not collect payments from you for 3 months. Please do not cancel your Direct Debit - after the 3 months your payments will resume. 

Please be advised that you should continue to make your normal monthly repayment if you can afford to, as this is likely to be in your best long-term interest to do so.

What if I have already missed my last payment?

You can still request a payment holiday using the form below. We’ll review your request and contact you to confirm if it’s been accepted. If you’re eligible, your payment holiday will start from your previous missed payment and your late fee will be refunded.

What if I can afford to pay some, but not all, of my payment?

If you’re unable to make your full payment, you should request a payment holiday using the form below.

Being on a payment holiday doesn’t mean that you can’t make reduced payments. Where it is affordable, making reduced payments during the payment holiday may shorten the term of the loan or agreement. The reduction of the length of the term will depend on how much you pay.

The simplest way of making a reduced payment is via your Online Account Manager.

How will payment holiday affect my agreement?

Your agreement term will be extended by three months which means that it will take you longer to pay off the agreement. No additional interest will be charged for the payment holiday.  

What happens next?

It’s easy to register - just complete the form below and we will process your payment holiday request within 10 working days. After the 3 months we will start collecting your payments again.

If you have an existing payment holiday for this product, we will contact you before it ends to let you know what happens next. Please do not submit another payment holiday request as it will not be approved.

Please complete this form with as much detail as you can. We will use the information provided to locate your records and if required contact you. Reminder: Being on a payment holiday doesn’t mean that you can’t make reduced payments. If your current situation means that you can afford to make reduced payments, this could shorten the time to repay the balance. Information on how to make reduced payments will be provided in your confirmation email. Motor Finance Agreement number I intend to make reduced payments of £ during my payment holiday. I understand, under the payment holiday terms, I’m under no formal obligation to do so and if my circumstances change, I may change the amount I pay without notice. I do not intend on making any payment during my payment holiday

If you have other Agreements with us, please complete this form again

By ticking this box, you are confirming that you are already experiencing or reasonably expect to experience temporary payment difficulties as a result of coronavirus and that you wish to register for a payment holiday. You also understand, that where appropriate, interest will continue to be charged during the payment holiday.
I confirm the information I have provided is accurate, and when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, I have every intention of ensuring my finances are brought up to date.

Thank you for contacting us.

Our Team are busy reviewing enquiries, so please don’t call to check, we will be in touch soon.

Many thanks

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